Assistant Needed for CEO & Founder

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Amazing Job with VERY specific requirements.

ASSISTANT needed for a Founder & CEO based in Conway, SC.

What’s SPECIFICALLY needed from you..

(1) You MUST be a self-starter. This is a small organization that does a GREAT deal of business. There are AWESOME systems in place but you’ll be figuring a bit out on your own.

(2) You need to be TOTALLY comfortable with simple internet-based programs. Familiarity with Google (even google apps), online databases, simple html editing of pages, etc. Also have an above-average grasp of Social Media (facebook, twitter, the like – PLEASE know what these are if applying )

(3) Be FREE to travel once or twice a month. (We do events in some pretty cool places but before you think it’s all glam-glam, remember – there’s a lot of ‘stuff’ to be done). But hey, better to be doing that ‘stuff’ in Maui in September than in Conway, right!??

(4) Be COMFORTABLE doing a small amount of PERSONAL ASSISTING. Since you’ll be working DIRECTLY with me, at times I will need a few errands run. Pick up drycleaning, drop off FedEx, arrange travel and so forth…..

(5) This is mostly an inner-office position. Our offices are cool with a full team based in Conway, SC.

OK – the COOL thing is that this is a pretty laid-back job where you get to interact with a lot of cool people. The WORK part of it is that sometimes there are DEADLINES and CRUNCHES and the schedule is intense then more laid back.


Just to set your expectation, the last time I posted a job here I received over 300 applications and called TWO people back. I hired one of them immediately. So I will NOT be responding to all applications. Here’s what I am looking for (see, this really CAN be easy!)

(1) Tell me how you will fit in THIS job! I’ve laid out as clearly as I can the job requirements. I know what I’m looking for and have made them a fit. I will NOT be calling you to clarify whether or not you’re a fit. So there’s no second chance – your response IS your impression!

(2) Tell me your income expectations (or a range). We’ll be working together and I will be communicating VERY specific communications to you in the future. Being vague in this area just sets up a concern that you’re not going to be able to ask for what you really want later if you come on board.

(3) Describe for me your ideal working environment. Hours, flexibility or structure, casual or formal. I’m kinda open to a number of options and inflexible on a few areas, but I want to know what works for you. I’m looking for the IDEAL fit, not to go through TRIAL runs…

(4) I’m glad to see your resume, but without an accompanying document (letter, rant, attachment, etc. addressing the above, I can assure you that it will be a waste of your time.


…brave soul!

Congratulations – you’re possibly a fit for this pretty cool job. I love what I do and I’m looking for ONE person to help manage some things going forward. I’m much tamer than I sound but I do have very specific requirements which I communicate clearly then empower you to have the authority to enforce! You’ll get to work with some quite renowned people (my clients) but the coolest part is our focus here on really improving our overall lives so a lot of focus and support will be given to that!

Get those responses over to gary [at] interactivitydigital [dot] com as soon as you can so the RIGHT one of you can start working right away!