How Facebook Savvy Are You?

Posted by October 2, 2014 Blog Comments

Take this fun quiz to find out!


  1. Who was the first ‘face’ on Facebook?
  2. What year did Facebook originate?
  3. Are there more men or women on Facebook?
  4. What percentage of text can you have on a Facebook Ad?
  5. Can you promote electronic cigarettes on Facebook? What about alcohol?
  6. Will you be charged if your ad was unapproved without running?
  7. What is the top Facebook brand in the US (based on fans)?
  8. Where can you find your Page Likes, Post Reach and Engagement on your business page?
  9. Which is the largest demographic of Facebook users? (A. 0-17) (B. 18-24) (C. 25-34) (D. 35-44)
  10. What was the most talked about event in Facebook’s history (as of 10/1/14)?



  1. Al Pacino
  2. 2004 (although it was available only for Harvard students)
  3. Men at 54% (as of 10/1/14)
  4. 20%
  5. No electronic cigarettes! Tobacco ads are prohibited… (Check out all the rules and regulations here). Alcohol ads are allowed, but only to approved countries and legal target audiences (must comply with all local laws).
  6. No, not if it has no impressions
  7. Walmart (via socialbakers, as of 10/1/14)
  8. Click Insights at the top left of your Facebook Business Page
  9. B
  10. The World Cup generated over 1 billion interactions (including likes, comments and posts)


How many did you get right? Did any answers surprise you?