The Future of Mobile PPC


Mobile PPC

According to a recently published study from Marin Software, mobile pay-per-click ads are expected to make up 25% of all paid search clicks by December of 2012. In December of 2011, only 12.3% of paid clicks were from mobile devices, so the projected 103% growth is certainly a testament to the popularity of mobile Internet devices such as smart phones and tablets. In fact, tablets accounted for 38% of all mobile clicks in 2011 and the percentage is expected to grow to 45% by the end of 2012.

While mobile conversion percentages are lower than their stationary brethren, the cost-per-click for mobile was lower than the average $0.83 click for a computer user. The average mobile click on a tablet cost $0.63 in 2011 and smart phone clicks averaged at a cost of $0.53. Click-through rates for mobile were also higher, with tablets and smart phones boasting rates of 3.12% and 4.12% (respectively), while the average click-through rate for computers came in at only 2.38%.

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