Peaches Boutique

Peaches Boutique is one of the largest brick-and-mortar prom dress shops in America.

Peaches Case Study

With a 20,000 sq. ft. store, over 15,000 dresses in stock, Peaches is a favorite shopping spot for girls around the country. Peaches’ website offers designer dresses, shoes, and accessories for all occasions including prom, winter formal, homecomings, and Quinceaneras. Since its inception the site has been a large source of the company’s revenue.

Since being hired in January 2012, Interactivity has helped Peaches successfully navigate Google’s Panda update — designed to penalize sites with low quality content — with a combination of SEO, conversion rate optimization and e-mail marketing to grow site revenue significantly.

Including both organic and paid search, our content strategy and diligent research has increased Peaches’ search traffic by more than 100% and their total online revenue by more than 65 percent in 2012. So far this year, we’ve continued an upward trend with site traffic up nearly 20 percent and total revenue increasing almost 90 percent since 2012.

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Planters Inn

This 200-year old boutique hotels sits in the heart of Savannah’s historic district.

Planters Inn Case Study

In a town such as Savannah, there is no shortage of hotels and inns. The Planters Inn realized that in order to achieve success in the search engine world they needed to optimize their online presence and aggressively market to potential guests, hiring Interactivity for help.

By performing deep keyword research of the terms most often associated with the Planters Inn (and Savannah hotels in general), we identified multiple keywords and phrases that fit the description of Planters Inn.

Using this research to create strategically planned Google ad campaigns, we helped the Planters Inn reap the rewards of a well-planned search engine marketing strategy.

At Interactivity Marketing, we provide meticulous tracking, reporting, and accounting for all of our clients.

By hiring Interactivity Marketing to manage its search engine marketing and Pay-per-Click accounts, the Planters Inn saw a return on investment of over 5,000%, which essentially means that the Planters Inn made almost 53 times what they spent on ads.

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The Lodge at Jackson Hole

In the heart of Jackson Hole, the lodge is one of this ski paradise’s newest luxury hotels.

Lodge at Jackson Hole Case Study

In early 2012, this Jackson resort completed a multimillion dollar renovation project, boasting lavish room enhancements and state-of-the-art amenities.

They contacted Interactivity to help get the word out about the renovations and to improve their search engine rankings and awareness to stand out from the crowd of other lodging options in one of the top skiing destinations in the west.

After performing extensive research, we crafted and structured targeted Google ads designed to drive traffic to the lodge’s website based on traffic.

Through our Pay-Per-Click efforts we were able to deliver more than $130,000 in revenue on roughly $9,000 in ad spend, with a total of 208,164 impressions, 6,343 clicks and a 15 to 1 ROI ($123,953).

As is standard at Interactivity Marketing, we provided meticulous tracking, reporting, and accounting throughout the course of the campaign.  We integrated conversion and revenue tracking into the campaign to better illustrate the gains that were made and allowed us to effectively and efficiently track the Lodge at Jackson Hole’s return on investment.

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Snapfon, a senior cell phone company based in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Snapfon Case Study

The company tasked Interactivity with providing a search engine optimization solution to better improve their site traffic and, as a result, their online sales. Since the product is specifically designed for seniors — who are not often very tech-savvy — we set out to find the best method to reach them.

With initial research showing the majority of visitors to the Snapfon site would be younger customers who were looking for phones for their older parents, we created a broad list of keywords to target searchers who were looking for terms such as “senior cell phones” and “cell phones for seniors.”

We rewrote the Snapfon site to include these search terms and began blogging about the benefits of owning a Snapfon. Rather than simply blogging about how great the Snapfon’s features were, we blogged about how owning a Snapfon could make seniors’ lives easier and how it could be a potential lifesaving device.

In the end, our search engine efforts were highly successful, increasing the traffic to Snapfon’s website by an average of 233.57% per month. Their rankings for key terms shot up, and their overall website traffic remained high.

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